Free Gin & Tonic if your train is delayed

free gin and tonic #yaydelay Gordon's gin


It’s a classic. You’ve worked hard, your mind is full of numbers and meeting notes and to do list. You just want to go home and crash. You’ve braved the rush hour in the tube, you have made it to the station… and your train is delayed. Of course. Of course it is. Why are you even surprised? Engineering work, signal problem. who knows.

Now on a normal day, you probably would have edged towards despair. Gordon’s Gin has decided this should be cause for celebration instead and is launching the hashtag #YayDelay. They chose one of the UK’s busiest and most delayed stations, London Waterloo for the experience, which will take place Friday 2nd February 2018, between 5 and 6 pm.

How does it work? Simple. Say you train is delayed. Grab you phone, get on Twitter and share your sorrow, including #Yaydelay to the message. A clever algorithm will combine cumulative minutes of delay with the amount of buzz created. If enough people tweet, a voucher for a free G&T will be triggered so make sure you tell everyone in the crowd with you, friends and strangers alike!

The voucher will be redeemable at The Beer House inside the station. No time to drink it? It will be valid until February 28.

Go on. Admit it. You can’t help but wish for that train to be delayed now…

Fri 2nd February 2018, 5pm – 6pm
Waterloo Station, Waterloo Rd, London SE1 8SW
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