An ode to the pint of Stout

pint of stout Murphy's Ireland


January. A new page.

All over the web, the magazines, articles on mindfulness, on finding balance, on slowing down.

The truth is, these little moments of zen-itude are all around us. We’re just too busy to notice. You can find them make a cup of green tea or trying yoga. Doing veganuary. Detoxing, dieting.

Or you could go to the pub and ask for a pint of stout.

Don’t laugh: there is something ever so appeasing in watching it being poured!

The dark-ruby red nectar filling the glass tilted towards the tap, the tiny nitrogen bubbles making their way towards the top, the slow separation of black and white leading to a dome of velvety foam that will sit just a little above the surface…

It’s a different way of meditating, by focusing fully on a different kind of beauty, a different kind of perfection instead of the inner you. An appreciation of small details. And look – your breathing has slowed down, you feel in peace, there even is a smile on your face.

The pursuits of happiness can take you to all kind of places indeed 🙂


the perfect pint of stout - murphy's


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